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My experience with Vantage Group was nothing but positive. Being surrounded by individuals who are constantly striving for success, and more out of their lives forces you to adopt the mentality, become a better version of yourself, and achieve more in all areas of your life. Going through and place like Vantage is a must for any striving entrepreneur, learning about building up a team, creating a positive culture, goal setting, managing a business, sales and countless other skills that you can learn here, on someone else’s business, before stepping out and doing it yourself. It’s simply a priceless experience!

-Dre Cardamone



The business is not difficult, all it requires is a little faith in your mentors and a fantastic attitude. During my time contracted to the company I learned skills including communication, organization, teamwork and self-motivation, all of which are invaluable for a job of any nature.


Vantage Group allowed me to meet like-minded people, make great money and more importantly have a fantastic time. My experience in direct marketing has also profoundly benefited, in that it enhanced my skill set to no end. In my opinion, Vantage Group Global offers an opportunity that you just can't pass up.


- Jesse Learmonth







Working alongside VGG taught me the importance of setting a goal, in my career or my life, and how to set out and achieve it.  I developed key skills that have been invaluable in my future career.  With a focus on self-development and self-improvement, I now have the tools I need to succeed and that's all thanks to VGG. 


 - Malcolm Harvey



Vantage is an extremely engaging and progressive company which offers self-development and professional progression not only within the direct marketing industry for individuals, but in all aspects of their lives also. 


There are a lot of commentators within the direct marketing industry, but it's very rare to come across a company where their knowledge and experience rings true. Their Say = Do attribute is extremely infectious and admirable and a force to be reckoned with. 


Vantage is led by a resilient, hard-working and innovative director who gives each individual time and mentoring which is tailored to the person and invaluable in any industry. I dare you to work alongside Vantage and not be motivated !! 


- Carys Adams 







"My experience at Vantage Group Global was one of the most memorable moments in my life to date. It allowed me to travel, meet new people and have fun while working. I also developed several transferable skill sets in communication and leadership that I have brought with me for whatever career path I continue from now on.


Whether you are looking to work to save and travel or looking to run your own business, The Vantage group is a fantastic opportunity. ‘Thanks to Stuart and the rest of the contractors for taking the time to coach and mentor me, much appreciated.’

- Ashlee Bayte